Seat of confession / Gyónási titok

2010 / watercolor, wood, paper, digital frame, animation (0:02:35) 27,5 x 32,5 x 5 cm
2010 / akvarell, fa, papír, digitális keret, animáció (0:02:35) 27,5 x 32,5 x 5 cm

The confession is valid if: true, verbal, classified, complete. The council of Florence wrote the sin is a kind of illness and the confession is heal the soul.
We are not able to understand the speech because it is not important. The tone of the work is not at this part. From the aspect of the message is totally irrelevant, because it will turn out anyway from the expressions, that my soul is under pressure, something is wrong, which I can not tell to nobody. So I beg for shrift and forgiveness from the beholder. There are also bars to allude for the confessional or rather to symbolize the „borderline”.

A bűnvallomásnak az érvényes gyónáshoz igaznak, teljesnek, szóbelinek és titkosnak kell lennie. A firenzei zsinat hangsúlyozza, hogy ha a bűn által a lélek betegségébe esünk, a bűnbánat által lelkileg meggyógyulunk.

- Sweet Melancholy / VILTIN Gallery / Budapest / Hungary / 2011